Thank you for sharing the 2022 Season with us!

Last season market-goers showed the love, purchasing:

2,400+ lollipops,

180 bags of marshmallows and

~160 boxes of sponge candy


We are getting some rest and hope to see you in the spring with all your favorites and some new surprises!

CAE's Artisanal Confections


We are so glad you stopped by!  

At CAE's we lovingly create unique, small batch wine jellies, preserves, and confections meant to awaken the palate and indulge the senses.  Our greatest joy is opening a world of new flavor combinations for our customers.

Our candy flavors are naturally derived from the ingredients.  Our tea and espresso lollipops are made with actual chai and ginger lemon teas and spices and we make our own espresso syrup freshly brewed espresso, sugar, and care.  We choose not to use artificial flavors and colors and only add natural flavor oils when necessary.

Feel free to peruse our selection of wine jellies, seasonal offerings, and tempting candies.

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CAE's Story

CAEs started with a woman, a passion for food, and the desire to awaken the palates of the world!

(No, seriously, she really does want to feed the world...)

In 2016, fueled by a growing interest in DIY products, she stumbled upon a recipe for wine jelly to be eaten with cheese. She was more hesitant about canning for the first time than about making wine jelly, but decided to give it a shot. Why not? Fruit and cheese are paired together all the time and wine is fermented fruit juice...

Since then, this flavor innovator has been combining spices and herbs with her preserves, lovingly crafting uniquely flavored small batch wine jellies, seasonal preserves, and candies.

CAE's greatest joy is opening a world of unique flavor combinations for customers and bringing happiness through new taste experiences one jar, marshmallow, and lollipop at a time!

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