Come find CAE's Saturday at the Burke Farmer's Market and Wednesday at the Oak Marr Farmer's Market, 8am to noon. 

September 22th offerings:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Marshmallows

 Buttered Rum Candy Chews

CAE's Artisanal Confections


We are so glad you stopped by!  

At CAE's we lovingly create unique, small batch wine jellies, preserves, and confections meant to awaken the palate and indulge the senses.  Our greatest joy is opening a world of new flavor combinations for our customers.

Our candy flavors are naturally derived from the ingredients.  Our tea and espresso lollipops are made with actual chai and ginger lemon teas and spices and we make our own espresso syrup freshly brewed espresso, sugar, and care.  We choose not to use artificial flavors and colors and only add natural flavor oils when necessary.

Feel free to peruse our selection of wine jellies, seasonal offerings, and tempting candies.

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What our customers are saying

Tastes like Christmas in a jar!

Christmas Smash - Reston Market

Tastes exactly like the drink!

Sangria‚Äč Jelly - McLean Market

I amp up my morning yogurt every day with this jelly!

Pomegranate Champagne Jelly - McLean Market patron

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**Please kindly call or submit contact form for pre-order by Wednesday for Saturday pick up and by Saturday evening for Wednesday pickup.**  

**Large orders require at least one week lead time prior to local pick up.**

**Product pricing includes sales tax**

Current Seasonal Offering:

- Cinnamon Rhu-Berry Smash 

- variety of fruity and savory lollipops (peach, apricot, plum, buttered rum, espresso), gumdrops (plum)

Specialty Wine Jelly and Preserves

Pomegranate Champagne Jelly

Tart and delicately crisp! Pairs wonderfully with a mild brie and tastes great whisked into a vinaigrette.


Sangria Jelly

Surprisingly bold with a burst of citrus! Enjoy with a tangy goat cheese and crackers.


Merlot Jelly

Deeply complex! Holds its own with a bold cheese or as a glaze on roast beef.


Spicy Primativo Jelly

Fiery zinfandel wine jelly! Tastes great slathered on asiago or cream cheese or used as a glaze on grilled chicken.


Herbed Pino Jelly

Tart pino grigio flavor with hints of Herbs de Provence! Pairs well with gouda, used as a glaze for fish or chicken, or drizzled over a salad in a vinaigrette.


Seasonal Preserves

An offering of a variety of preserves based on what is in season and can be savory or sweet.


Cocoa Mix and Candy

Cocoa Mix

A magical blend of cocoa powder, granulated sugar, and spices for a chocolatey, warm hug in a mug on a cold day.


Fancied Up Mallows

Puffy, fluffy marshmallow clouds to enjoy in cocoa, coffee, or alone! 

- flavors vary, but won't disappoint!


Candy Chews

Available in a variety of savory and fruity flavors.



Available in a variety of savory and fruity flavors.


Buffalo Sponge Candy - pre-order recommended!

Crunchy, airy toffee smothered in milk or dark chocolate.  Magically melts in your mouth! 



Childhood on a stick and a few grown up flavors too!  All our flavors come from natural ingredients.  No fake stuff here! 

- flavors vary, but won't disappoint!

Lollipops -$1.oo/2